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Schools in Nigeria.

A tour of few public schools in Nigeria will leave one in shock if not in tears.
Some of these schools are better off as poultry or livestock farm than be imagine as where human beings come to every day to learn.
The case is not any better in cities.

The state of schools in our nation is very pitiable, needless to say that the govt had failed this nation in that area; but God has not failed us.

This is what moved a group of mothers in the land to dedicate their time and resources to serve schools all over the nation in any capacity as the Lord lays it in their hearts.

Every student is entitled to the good school, starting from the building, a school should not be a delapitating building. There should be good blackboard if not smart board or whiteboard.

Every student is entitled to a chair and desk in school, well-equipped library, drinkable water, washrooms.

A school should be safe enough for student —-be a structure that has roof, window and door. Fan is a luxury in this case, which should not be.

Apart from the sub standard structure of these schools and how poorly equipped they are, a lot of schools lack teaching staffs
Science laboratories are empty, as well as computers. In this day and age, there are lot of schools without computers.

These group of women whose passion is to see the glory of the lord return into our schools particularly secondary level; has collaborated with many other NGOs to reach out to as many public schools as they could; providing chairs and desk, refurbishing libraries and giving scholarships to student

We work hand in hand with the PTA of schools to meet the needs of the school in any capacity that we can

Apart from the physical provision, we try as much as possible to organize motivational events for students, to encourage them, we pay for jamb forms for brilliants but financially handicapped students.
We also see beyond marks, we reach out to students who are not doing so well academically– find out the cause of their laxity and provide necessary aid to improve their performance academically.